Brow Mapping Kit

The key to symmetrical brows!

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As a Brow artist you know the importance of symmetrical brows, With this Brow Mapping Kit you will achieve symmetrical brows in no time! The kit includes all the essential tools to make brow mapping easy and to create the most flawless brows. The Brow Mapping Kit includes brow paste, black mapping string, 10 sticker rulers, and a Small Angled Spoolie brush. 

Are you not familiar with brow mapping? Then you can follow our Brow Mapping Course and learn how to map the perfect brows.

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  • The Brow Mapping Kit includes all of the best selected materials needed for brow mapping. With the brow ruler you can easily measure the eyebrows position, length and size. With the mapping string you can pre-draw sharp lines onto the brows. With the Supercilium Brow Paste, you can connect the lines of the brow shape. Besides this, the Brow Paste also works as a barrier which will give you super sharp lines for the most perfect brows.

    Want to learn how to work with Brow Mapping Tools? Follow our Certified course on Supercilium Academy.


  • Sticker Ruler
    Place the ruler above the brows and mark the points for accurate measurements and shape of the brows.

    Mapping string 
    Pull the string out of the box, hold the mapping string tight during use. The thin thread is highly saturated, which gives you the ability to create perfect brow shapes in no time!  Use the nostril as a starting point to create super-sharp straight lines to mark the beginning, end, and precise arching point of the eyebrows.


    Brow Paste
    Apply a small amount of brow mapping paste with a Medium Angled Brow Brush or our our Concealer Brush along the contour of the desired eyebrow shape. Repeat on the other brow, and make sure you create symmetry by using a Brow Ruler. Leave the eyebrow and the skin that needs to be tinted empty, so the paste can work as a barrier.

    You can use the brow mapping paste in multiple ways to achieve flawless eyebrows: 

    1. Simple bottom line
    The first way of using the white brow paste is just by creating a simple thin line on the bottom line of the brows. This brings more clarity for you as a brow artist to know where to start your application. And this line helps you to be more precise and consistent, as you will always have the same starting point. Resulting in a super crisp bottom line. 

    2. Map the entire brow
    Another way you can use the Supercilium brow paste is by mapping the entire brow, including the brow arch. Most brow artists start their brow mapping with Mapping String. Once finished with the outline, you can use the brow Mapping paste to sketch out the exact parameters of the brows. Now, no matter where you start your henna or tint application you know for sure the end result will be sharp, as you’re working inside these shapes and the paste will work as a barrier. And it shows you directly which hairs you have to remove with shaping. 

    3. Highlighter the eyebrows
    Finally, the Supercilium brow paste is used as a highlighter for the brows. When the brows are done you can use a very small amount of brow paste on the bottom line to highlight the results and make the brows stand out even more. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fabiënne Maagdelijn
Super set

Super tevreden met de inhoud van de brow mapping kit, de producten zijn heel handig en fijn in gebruik!

Janice Little
Love the brows

Love this product !!!!
For my business

Jasmine D
Helped me get amazing brows

I'm new to brow mapping and this was extremely helpful to the process. I have nice, symmetrical brows now!

My only complaint about this kit is that in the item description on the sits it says that we will receive a quantity of 10 ruler stickers. I received only one in my package. Maybe its a mistake on the website? Either way, I think it should be clarified so no one else is disappointed.

Other than that I am thrilled with my purchase and I’ll be trying some new things from Supercilium soon.

anna s
Everything you need

Excited to try out these products the paste looks to be high quality and picks up easily

Jolanta Olshanski

Brow Mapping Kit


This kit has revolutionized the way I shape and map out my clients' brows, providing me with the tools and confidence to deliver exceptional results every time. The high-quality tools are durable and easy to use, while the clear instructions have made my job more straightforward and efficient. If you're an eyebrow artist looking to up your game and take your services to the next level, I highly recommend investing in the Supercilium Brow Mapping Kit.

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