Medium Angled Brow Brush

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This Medium Angled Brow Brush is a high-quality brush with synthetic hair, copper ferrule and wooden handle that will help to dye the best henna brows. Also suitable for eyebrow make-up like powder and pomade. With this brush, every brow will turn into a high definition wow-brow. 

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  • The Supercilium Medium Angled Brow Brush is a high-quality brush with synthetic hair, copper ferrule and wooden handle that makes incredible precise lines. Use the Medium Angled Brow Brush as the best tool for applying henna, dye and make-up. The medium size and short and stiff synthetic hairs are perfect for making the most straight and fine lines with Brow Henna. It is the best to use on medium sized brows. With this brush every brow turns into a power brow with the use of henna, dye of make-up. Perfect for make-up like powder and pomade.

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  • Take the brush and dip it in the Brow Henna mixture. Don’t use too much henna. Start at the tail of the brow and stamp the Brow Henna into the skin. Use a tapping technique for henna to have the mixture penetrate into the skin better. Work from the tail to the center to the starting point of the brow. Blend the Henna really well for an equal result. 

    For applying make-up. Dip the brush in the makeup, make sure you don't have too much on the brush, and apply it on the brow. Make swiping movements and make sure you blend the makeup really well for a natural effect. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Carmen Brehler
Sharp & precise

Very thin and sharp brush so you can paint the brows very sharp and no need for touching up.

Christy Caruso
The plug!

De henna wordt zo strak aangebracht met dit penseeltje dat ik er niet zonder kan. Blijft ook heel lang goed! Its a must als je de henna goed wilt aanbrengen.

Nice brush

The brush is really sharp it’s nice to use and much easer to make the Perfect brow.

Lana van Beelen
The best

Love this

Thanks Lana!

Lana van Beelen
Sharp as a knife

Best Brush! Love the color palette and the new branding!

Great to hear! Thank you so much for this review!

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