We like to compare it with a Pearl.
It takes years to grow a pearl, and they are rare to find.
Same with PMU Artists; it takes years to master and evolve the skill of permanent makeup.
It isn’t easy, but it’s worth the wait and investment to become one.
You can let others shine.
Just like a pearl.



Whatever technique you go for, like Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, or Combination Brows, this kit will ensure your clients always look their best without the need for daily touch-ups.

Vibrant colors

The colors are stunning on their own or blended for a custom shade. From delicate Barely Brown to bold Mahogany, each color has a unique tone and opacity to suit every client’s style. The long-lasting results will never shift or change.


Our new partnership with Perma Blend brings you revolutionary, permanent pigments. We’ve got to know them as extremely passionate. Perma Blend is well known for its innovation and urge to always improve and do better.


Trusted by top PMU artists worldwide, these permanent pigments are formulated to meet the highest industry standards. With a focus on quality and safety, this kit delivers consistent results with maximum color concentration.

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