Why is PMU next step in your career?

16.05.2024 - Žaneta Mlčáková

In the world of beauty and brows, permanent makeup (PMU) can be a game-changer in your career! But what exactly is PMU, and why should you even consider adding it to your services? In this blog post, we'll explore the world of PMU and why it might be the perfect next step for you as a Brow Professional. From explaining PMU techniques and benefits to introducing our new capsule collection in collaboration with Perma Blend, we've got everything you need to know about this exciting opportunity! Let's dive in!

What is PMU?

PMU, or permanent makeup, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances and defines facial features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. It's similar to tattooing, where pigments are used to create long-lasting color and shape. PMU allows clients to enjoy a polished, makeup-ready look without the daily hassle of application. It basically stays forever!

For Brow Professionals, PMU techniques like Ombré Brows and Powder Brows offer customized, natural-looking results that can last for years (with proper care). Clients all around the world love it! It's an exciting way to level up your Brow game and provide your clients with long-lasting, beautiful results.

Why should you go permanent?

Adding PMU (permanent makeup) to your skill set can really elevate your career as a brow artist. Let's dive into why this could be a game-changer for you:

Expand your skills: Are you ready to take your brow game to the next level? PMU goes beyond just brows—think shading and even PMU eyeliner and lips! Imagine the possibilities when you offer your clients a wider range of services. You see the happy faces?

Increase your income: PMU services can really boost your income. PMU really is a special skill that requires a lot of training. You can charge more for PMU services than you do for semi-permanent treatments like Henna, Liquid Dye, or Brow Lamination. Imagine being able to charge higher prices for long-lasting results. At the same time, you can make your customer group bigger when your list of services is expanded.

Provide long-lasting results: Clients are always on the lookout for low-maintenance beauty solutions. PMU offers just that—flawless brow look, permanent results that last for months or even years! This keeps your clients coming back for more.

Stay trendy: PMU is an ever-evolving field with exciting new techniques and innovations all the time. By keeping up with the trends, your clients will see the dedication and will support you along the way.

Express your creativity: PMU lets you play with colors and designs, giving you the creative freedom to bring your clients' visions to life. Imagine the satisfaction of crafting truly personalized results! This is your time to shine!

Variation: Sometimes repetition can get a bit boring over time. Still love doing brows, but ready for something new? PMU can be that new challenge to keep you excited and trigger your creativity to learn something new.

Build strong relationships with your clients: PMU treatments require trust and expertise. You'll build deeper connections with your clients as you work together to achieve their dream look. More trust means more repeat business and referrals!

Our favorite PMU artist Chloé from Centerfold PMU loves using semi-permanent treatments to show clients how their brows could look before taking the leap into permanent makeup. It's a perfect way to introduce your clients to PMU and build their confidence in your artistry!

“Henna brows and PMU go hand in hand! It is so beneficial to have your clients experience the shape and color of Henna brows before committing to a more permanent option of PMU brows. It’s very helpful for new artists to begin their PMU career with henna brows so that they can build skill-shaping and color-matching clients! Henna brows have a much more approachable price point so it’s easy for clients to “try” their new brow look before selecting a larger more permanent style!”

Wanna know what PMU training looks like? Watch this recap of a Powder brows training from Chloé! 


Famous PMU techniques

Let's dive into the most favorite PMU techniques for eyebrows you can do with the Brow Pigments Kit that can elevate your brow skills and give you the edge in the brow industry:

1. Ombré Brows

You also might know it as Shading, Ombré Brows uses a PMU machine to create a soft, powdery effect on the skin. This technique is ideal for clients who prefer a more polished, defined, and filled-in brow look.

Pro Tip #1: Ombré brows are similar to the appearance of a brow look using Brow Henna or Liquid Dye. So if your clients are not sure whether to go for a permanent brow look, they can test it for a few weeks with Brow Henna or Liquid Dye!

Ombré Brows

2. Powder Brows

Have you heard of this amazing brow technique? Powder Brows are a PMU technique that achieves a soft, powdered finish similar to the effect of using a Brow Powder or a Brow Pencil. The process involves using a PMU machine to deposit tiny dots of pigment into the skin, creating a uniform, natural look.

It sounds hard, but with some practice, you can nail this PMU technique! Powder brows are perfect for clients who desire a fuller, defined brow without the need for daily makeup application. The results can last up to 1-3 years.

PMU Nano Brows

3. Nano Brows

Introducing Nano Brows, the latest trend in the world of PMU techniques. Nano Brows uses ultra-fine needles to create hyper-realistic hair strokes that mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. This technique is perfect for clients who desire a more subtle and natural-looking brow enhancement.

Pro Tip #2: Nano Brows offer a semi-permanent alternative to Microblading, providing clients with beautiful brows that last up to 1-2 years. It's a great option for those who want to test the waters before committing to a permanent brow look.

PMU Nano Brows

4. Eyeliner

Yes - that's totally right. With PMU, you can add permanent eyeliner to your services! PMU eyeliner adds definition to the shape of the eyes with a precise line that can be customized according to the client's preference.

This technique is really popular (no wonder why), allowing clients to wake up with perfect eyeliner everyday! That sounds like a dream of every woman, doesn't it? Whether it's just a subtle line or a bold cat-eye look, PMU eyeliner provides a long-lasting finish that fits any eye shape. You definitely have to learn how this PMU technique works!

PMU Eyeliner

While eyebrows and eyeliner are the most popular PMU services, lips can also be tattooed for added definition and color. These PMU techniques are loved for their long-lasting results, helping clients feel confident and beautiful without daily touch-ups. By mastering these PMU techniques, you can offer your clients the ultimate brow experience and shine as a Brow Professional!

How long does it take to become a PMU Professional?

It depends on your training and how much you practice, but you can start offering PMU services in just a few months! At Supercilium, we're here to support you on your journey to become a PMU Professional. Whether you're just starting out or improving your skills, we've got your back.

Supercilium x Perma Blend Collection

Warning: NEVER try PMU without proper training. PMU is a special skill that requires high-quality training. We always recommend doing in-person training to learn the skill. Many talented PMU Artists also offer training. It varies per country which certification you need to be able to offer PMU treatments.

Keep learning and practicing!

According to PMU trainer and professional Sjoerd Vis, persistence and a perfectionist mindset are key. Keep learning and practicing! He shared his journey: it took several years and several trainers to become the pro-PMU Artist he is today. He has been a professional PMU Artist for fifteen years now - maybe he is your next PMU trainer?

We also love his slogan: "Blijf trouw aan de eigen wenkbrauw!" While it rhymes in Dutch, it translates to "Stay true to their own eyebrow" in English. Do you want to learn more? Let us help you take the next step!

New product with Perma Blend

We're thrilled to introduce our exciting collaboration with Perma Blend! This partnership brings you the best in Brow Pigments to help you level up (or start with) your PMU career. Perma Blend is known worldwide for its high-quality pigments, and together we've created a special Capsule Collection: the Brow Pigments Kit. It gives you everything you need to achieve stunning permanent brow makeup.

About the Brow Pigments Kit

Our Brow Pigments Kit by Perma Blend features four essential colors for PMU artists: Barely Brown, Ready Medium, Mahogany, and Black Umber. These colors are a blend of organic and inorganic compounds, each with a neutral or cool tone and different levels of opacity. With this kit, you have a versatile range of shades to create beautiful and natural-looking brows for every client!

Supercilium Brow Pigments Kit

What makes the Brow Pigments Kit special

The kit includes the most popular Brow Pigments, so you can easily achieve different PMU techniques. Whether you want to specialize in Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, Microblading or create long-lasting eye-liners, these Brow Pigments deliver long-lasting, vibrant colors your clients will love. Each shade can be used on its own or mixed for custom colors, allowing you to create personalized looks that suit each client's unique style.

Are you ready to SHINE?

By adding PMU to your skills, you open up a whole new world of creative possibilities. At Supercilium, we're excited to support your journey with our collaboration with Perma Blend and the new Brow Pigments Kit. Read here more about the new Brow Pigments in our latest blog post where we look closely at each color.

With the right tools and techniques, you can help your clients achieve the perfect, personalized look that can last for years. This is your moment to take your artistry to the next level and watch your career truly shine, just like a pearl! And we're here to help you every step of the way!

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