The Brow Shock: how to deal with it?

04.07.2024 - Myriam van Engelen

Have you ever had that moment when your client doesn’t look as happy as you expected after their first brow treatment? You’ve just finished up, thinking they’re going to love their new look, but instead, they seem a bit shocked. Their brows are darker than they imagined, and now they’re feeling uneasy. This situation, known as "brow shock," is pretty common and totally normal. In this post, we’ll dive into why this happens, how you can calm your clients' nerves, and what steps to take to make sure they leave feeling confident and happy with their beautiful new brows. Let’s get into it!

Reasons why clients might be unhappy

So, why are clients sometimes unhappy, even when you’ve done everything right? Here are a few common reasons:

Darker brows than expected

Clients often feel uneasy when their brows turn out darker than they anticipated. This is a typical reaction, especially for first-timers. The initial color is always more intense but will soften over the next few days.

They’ve never had their brows dyed or laminated

For clients who have never had their brows dyed or laminated, the transformation can be quite shocking. They’re not used to seeing their brows so defined and bold, which can take a bit of getting used to.

Expecting “natural” results

Clients usually expect "natural" results immediately. What they don’t realize is that the brows will fade and settle into a more natural look after a few days. It’s important to reassure them that the initial intensity is part of the process.

First-time Brow Henna or Liquid dye clients

Did they previously dyed their eyebrows with normal dye? In that case, they’re not used to the skin stain that comes with Brow Henna or Liquid Dye, since normal dyes only tint the brow hairs. Their new well-defined brows are just something they need to get used to because the change is so big. On the first day, everything they look in the mirror will be a little shock. But experience teaches that they will love them the next day. They just need some extra time.

The new shape is a shock

A new shape can be a big shock for some clients, especially if they’ve had thin or sparse brows before. Going from thin eyebrows to a fuller, perfectly shaped set can be overwhelming at first. They just need a bit of time to get used to their new, amazing brows.

By understanding these common reactions, you can better prepare and reassure your clients, helping them to feel more comfortable and confident with their new look. Let’s move on to how you can effectively manage these concerns and keep your clients happy!

Clients find the brows too dark: what to do?

95% of the time, if a client is unhappy with the result, it's because they find their henna brows too dark, leading to an initial “brow shock.” Here’s what you can do to help:

First, reassure your client. Often, they’ll get used to the color and the new look in a day or two. Let them know that the brows will settle, and they’ll begin to love them very soon.

Lighten the brows with Color Corrector

Do they really find them too dark? With our Color Corrector, you can quickly and effectively remove stains that have developed during the dyeing process. And if the brows have accidentally turned out too dark, you can easily lighten them. Add a few drops of the Color Corrector onto a cotton pad or a cotton swab and remove mistakes or lighten colors in just a few seconds.

How to Use the Color Corrector:

Apply: Gently wipe over the brows with a cotton pad or swab to lighten them up a bit. Remove the process if you still want to make the skin stain a bit lighter.

This process can help remove excess pigment from the skin, adjusting the color to a more comfortable shade for the client.

This tip, along with many others, can be found in our Certified Liquid Dye course, where we address all troubleshooting aspects of brow treatments with other brow professionals!

How to prevent dark brows: Use the No. 3 Nourishing Elixir before treatment

To ensure the best results and avoid the “brow shock”, always use the No. 3 Nourishing Elixir before any brow treatment. This step helps to condition the brow hairs, ensuring they don't absorb too much dye and prevent overcoloring the brow hairs. This is very helpful when treating fair-haired, mature, or first-time clients!

Pro tip: Remember that when you first do a Brow Lamination treatment, the Liquid Dye will absorb onto the brow hair much quicker than without. So make sure to make your processing time shorter than normal.

Why this step is important:

  1. Applying the Nourishing Elixir before the treatment helps to control how much Liquid Dye or Henna the brow hairs take in, preventing them from becoming too dark.
  2. If your client is anxious about the outcome or has very sparse brows, this step can be a game-changer. It shows your client that you’re taking extra measures to ensure they are happy with the results, building their confidence in your ability.
  3. The elixir is also deeply nourishing, providing essential hydration and nutrients to the brow hairs, ensuring they remain healthy and strong.
  4. Fair-haired and mature clients often have more delicate hair and skin. The Nourishing Elixir provides a protective layer, ensuring a more even and gentle dyeing process.

You will love the No. 3 Nourishing Elixir. And what's more- it's also vegan!

No.3 Nourishing Elixir

The “Brow Shock” and PMU (Permanent Makeup)

Imagine your client is shocked and unhappy with brows that will last for years—that’s stressful for both you and your client. How can you prevent this? The answer lies in semi-permanent treatments! These treatments can allow clients to get used to their new look and fall in love with their brows before making a long-term commitment.

Why Semi-Permanent Treatments?

  1. Trial run: Semi-permanent treatments like brow henna or tinting give clients a chance to see what their brows will look like with more defined color and shape. This "trial run" helps them decide if they’re ready for a more permanent solution.
  2. Adjustments: Clients can experiment with different shapes, thicknesses, and colors without the long-term commitment. They can make adjustments based on their preferences and comfort level.
  3. Confidence building: Seeing the positive changes from semi-permanent treatments can build clients’ confidence, making them more comfortable with the idea of permanent brows.

How to mimic PMU brows

Here’s how you can use semi-permanent treatments to mimic popular PMU brow looks:

Brow lamination helps to set the brows in place, giving them a fuller, more defined appearance similar to microblading.

Apply henna in layers, starting with a lighter shade at the front of the brow and gradually darkening towards the tail. This creates a natural ombre effect with a soft, powdery finish.

Use Liquid Dye to create a soft, gradient look. By carefully layering the dye, you can mimic the ombre effect of powder brows, providing a seamless transition from lighter to darker shades.

Want to learn how semi-permanent and PMU treatments complement each other? Read our latest blog post!

How Supercilium supports your (PMU) journey

At Supercilium, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality products and training to support your professional journey! That’s why we’ve partnered with Perma Blend to offer our Brow Pigments Kit. This collaboration ensures you have access to top-tier pigments that are safe, long-lasting, and vibrant, perfect for creating stunning, permanent brows.

Supercilium Capsule Collection

Being a brow pro isn’t always easy, but that’s why we’re here to help you and support every step of the way (check our blog section for brow career tips)! Remember, dealing with "brow shock" and making sure your clients love their brows is all part of the journey. With our products like the No. 3 Nourishing Elixir and Color Corrector, you can tackle these challenges head-on and keep your clients coming back for more.

And remember, if your clients experience “brow shock”, it does not mean you did a bad job! Some clients just need a little extra love and reassurance. Always communicate before and after the treatment that it takes a day or two for the brows to lighten up and achieve their desired look.

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