Liquid Dye colors: mixing colors explained

22.04.2024 - Lisa Sazonova

How much do you know about mixing Liquid Dye colors? When it comes to doing eyebrows, it's like being an artist with a palette. Every person's eyebrows are different, just like how every painting is unique. From blonde to blacks, our Liquid Dye with Keratin offers a rich palette for Brow Professionals like you, to create customized looks for your clients. Let's discover how to achieve the perfect brow color for every client together.

Meet Supercilium Liquid Dye with Keratin

Introducing our Liquid Dye with Keratin – now faster and more pigmented than ever! Infused with Keratin, it offers intense protection, revitalization, and nourishment for brow hairs, ensuring the eyebrows stay healthy and vibrant.

With six stunning shades to choose from – Blonde, Auburn, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Black – you're sure to find the perfect match for your brow transformation. Plus, the colors are the same as our Brow Henna range and previous Hybrid Tint, ensuring seamless integration into your brow routine.

Benefits of Liquid Dye with Keratin

Enriched with Keratin care, it protects, revitalizes, and nourishes, while delivering rich pigments that last up to 11 days on skin and 6 weeks on hair. Our formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and packed with natural ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe Vera. With quick development times and up to 45 treatments per bottle, it's a cost-effective choice for beauty professionals. You will love this new Liquid Dye as much as we do!

Liquid Dye with Keratin

Understanding undertones

Have you ever wondered why certain brow shades look stunning on some clients but less flattering on others? The secret lies in understanding undertones. Undertones play a crucial role in determining which brow colors will enhance your client's natural features and complement their skin tone.

Understanding undertones allows you to choose the perfect brow shades that harmonize with your client's hair color and personal style, resulting in flawless and natural-looking brows.

What are undertones?

Think of undertones as the subtle hues beneath the surface of the skin that influence its overall appearance. While the surface tone of the skin can change due to factors like sun exposure or skincare products, undertones stay the same and act as the foundation for selecting the right brow colors.

There are three undertones: Warm, Cool, and Neutral. If you’re new to this, it’s easiest to determine the right undertone by checking somebody's wrist. Below we explain the different hints you can use to determine the right undertone:

1. Warm undertones:

  • Veins appear greenish.
  • The skin may have hints of yellow or peach.
  • Gold jewelry usually complements best with warm undertones.
  • Add shades with warm undertones to your mix like Auburn or Light Brown to complement the natural warmth in their skin.

2. Cool undertones:

  • Veins appear bluish.
  • The skin may have hints of pink or blue.
  • Silver jewelry usually complements best with cool undertones.
  • Choose shades with cool undertones like Ash Blonde or Medium Brown to complement the natural coolness in their skin.

3. Neutral undertones:

  • Veins may appear both distinctly greenish or bluish.
  • The skin has a balanced mix of warm and cool tones.
  • Both gold and silver jewelry complement neutral undertones.
  • Neutral undertones offer more flexibility, allowing for a wider range of color choices, since both warm and cool tones go well with this undertone.

Skin Undertones

When do you mix colors?

Knowing when to mix colors is crucial for achieving the desired brow look. Here are some scenarios where mixing colors may be necessary:

  • If none of the standard shades perfectly match your client's brow color or undertone, mixing colors allows you to create a custom shade that suits their unique needs.
  • Sometimes, a client's brow color may need slight adjustments to achieve the desired tone or intensity. Mixing colors enables you to tailor the color to their preferences.
  • In cases where the initial color application results in unexpected outcomes, such as color imbalance or incorrect shade, mixing colors can help correct the issue and achieve a more desirable result.
  • Mixing colors can also be used to enhance the depth, dimension, or warmth of the brow color, creating a more dynamic and natural-looking result.

Liquid Dye with Keratin

Liquid Dye colors and how to mix them

So, let's explore the Supercilium Liquid Dye with Keratin color range and learn how to expertly mix them to create the ideal brow shade for every client!

Light Brown:

  • Ideal for clients with fairer skin and blonde to mid-brown hair.
  • Perfect for clients seeking a subtle result or those feeling anxious about the outcome.
  • Add Auburn to the mix to warm up the result for golden blondes, brondes, or clients with a natural golden tan.
  • Add Ash Blonde to cool down for icy, platinum blondes, clients with natural gray tones in their hair, or cool-skinned clients with mousy brown hair.

Medium Brown:

  • Suitable for dark blondes to mid-brunettes who prefer a natural finish.
  • Add Auburn to suit clients with rich brown eyes and warm chestnut-toned hair.
  • Add Ash Blonde to cool down for clients with paler skin, lighter eyes, and more mushroom-toned brown hair.

Dark Brown:

  • Best for medium brown-haired clients looking for a bolder result.
  • Ideal for clients with very dark brown to black hair, dark eyes, and darker skin.
  • Recommended to add a dash of Auburn, especially for clients with Fitzpatrick 5 or 6 skins, for complementing natural warm tones.


  • Use black color to slightly darken any of the other three browns in the range for bolder results or to add depth to the color.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone color for clients seeking an intense black shade, though only very few clients can handle this bold look.

Ash Blonde:

  • Primarily used as a mixing color to cool down other shades.
  • Can be used alone on cool-skinned clients with "salt and pepper" or very gray-toned hair retaining a dark shade to their brows.


  • Mainly used as a mixing color to warm up other shades.
  • Also suitable as a stand-alone shade for clients with vibrant red or copper-toned hair.

How to make the right mixture

To ensure the perfect mixture of Liquid Dye with Keratin, start by shaking the bottle well. Our Liquid Dye with Keratin should be mixed on a 2:1 ratio, meaning two drops of Liquid Dye to one drop of Oxydant. Remember, a little goes a long way, so you don't need too much product. It's best to mix the dye in a non-metallic dish to avoid any unwanted reactions. Once mixed, you're ready to create stunning brow transformations with ease!

Master Liquid Dye with Keratin

Ready to become a Liquid Dye Pro? Our Certified Liquid Dye with Keratin course offers expert training to help you master the art of Liquid Dye with Keratin application. Learn advanced techniques, color-mixing secrets, and insider tips from industry experts. This course will level up your skills and help you to master this innovative brow technique!

Certified Liquid Dye with Keratin Course

All in one: Liquid Dye Starter Kit

Are you a Brow Professional or just starting out? Our Supercilium Liquid Dye with Keratin Starter Kit has you covered! This Liquid Dye not only colors eyebrows but also works wonders as a Lash Dye!

Mixing dye for Lashes

Mixing colors for lashes works similarly to mixing colors for eyebrows. You'll use the same ratio of Liquid Dye to Oxydant, typically 2:1, and mix them well in a non-metallic dish. Just like with eyebrows, it's essential to follow the instructions carefully and conduct a patch test before application to ensure safety and desired results.

Ready to take your lash and brow game to the next level with our Liquid Dye with Keratin? Mastering the art of color mixing opens up a world of possibilities for stunning transformations. But before you dive in, it's crucial to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your clients. Learn more about handling PPD allergies in our blog post "What is PPD Allergy?" or get inspired by beautiful brow transformations achieved with Liquid Dye. Your journey to flawless brows and lashes starts here!

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