Combining Lamination & Tinting in one brow treatment

01.02.2023 - Luma Abdelghani

A wish we often received was to develop a dye that was suitable to use during a Lamination treatment. Well, I can tell you now that the hybrid dye is the perfect dye to use in combination with a lamination treatment. I will tell you exactly how to combine both treatment into one!

Why combine lamination and hybrid dye?

Most of us dream of a full fluffy brow that is beautifully tinted. By combining a lamination treatment with a hybrid treatment, you ensure that the hairs stand up nicely and that your eyebrows look fuller thanks to the hybrid dye. And all of that in just one treatment!

Why is this not possible with Brow Henna?

We have always discouraged combining the lamination and henna dye because combining the two together in one treatment is simply too harsh for your eyebrow hairs. And healthy eyebrows are always leading for us. 

However since the chemicals in hybrid are different, combining the two is possible with Hybrid Dye & Brow Lamination. Same counts for Lash Lifting and Hybrid dye. 

Button Hybrid Dye

How to combine the best of both worlds?

You begin with the first two steps of the lamination treatment. This is because the chemicals in the lamination process could possibly remove the hybrid dye and color effectiveness. As with any perm or chemicals you apply to your hairs and skin. By beginning with the lamination you are able to get the perm part out of the way and then work towards tinting. Not only is it safer for the color retention, it also makes tinting much easier afterwards! This is because the hairs are already lifted and separated neatly upwards so it makes applying tint much easier after. 

Supercilium Brow Glaze

After step 2 and before you normally apply step 3 you can continue with tinting the brows. You have to skip step 3 of the Lamination treatment since eyebrows should be oil-free and free of product before a dye treatment. If you would apply step 3 before dying the brows then there is a high risk that the dye wouldn't stain on the brows. 

Supercilium Brow Henna

It's important you make sure you remove all the leftover residue before you start with the dye process. Same as with a normal tinting procedure: the cleaner the brow area, the better the hybrid dye can penetrate the hairs and skin.  
After step 1 and 2 of the lamination treatment, you do everything as per usual when tinting the brows. When you're finished dyeing the eyebrows, we recommend to skip step 3 right away, to avoid that the color stain on the skin will vanish quickly. 

Always advise your client to avoid moisture, saunas, oil based cleansers etc. for the next 24-48 hours and to enjoy their freshly lifted, tinted brows! 

Tip: You can also give your customers some of the Step 3 to use at home after 48H, to make sure they give their brows some extra nourishing love.   

Do you want to learn more about the hybrid dye or Lamination treatment?

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