Eyebrow ruler: The perfect tool for symmetrical eyebrows

04.02.2022 - Sima Ahmed

Let's face it: Every brow artist wants to create the most beautiful and symmetrical brows for their clients. But this is not easy, in fact it can never be 100% symmetrical. This has to do with the bone structure of the face. You often see that one side of the face is slightly higher than the other. To make eyebrows as symmetrical as possible, we have the perfect tool that will help you. The eyebrow ruler!

Why you want to create symmetrical eyebrows for your clients

Eyebrows have a very important function. They determine the appearance of a person. Brows are often used subconsciously to portray an emotion. For example, when you look sad, your eyebrows will droop more and when you are surprised, your eyebrows will raise up. Uneven eyebrows can sometimes give a surprise facial expression. By creating symmetrical eyebrows, the client's face will look calmer. From a beauty perspective, equal eyebrows are something you strive for as a brow artist.

Microblading or Permanent make-up

For brow artists who do microblading or permanent makeup, it is extremely important to pay much attention to making the eyebrow shape as symmetrical as possible and to create the right eyebrow shape that fits the face of your client prior to the treatment. Once the permanent make-up has been applied, it is difficult to adjust it. Therefore, using a brow ruler is extremely important to minimise mistakes.


To create the perfect Henna Brows for your client there are some golden steps to follow. To start with, shaping the eyebrows is important. When you wax or thread the brows into the right shape it ensures that all the downy hairs around the brows are removed and you are working with a "clean canvas". In addition, combining a brow ruler and brow mapping is key to creating the perfect brow shape. With the brow ruler you can measure the eyebrows and with the brow paste you can map out the shape. Which means you only have to apply the henna to the shaping you've created!

What does the eyebrow ruler look like?

A brow ruler is super flexible and made of plastic so you can bend it to your client's face. The eyebrow ruler can be used on all facial shapes. With the ruler you can measure the length of the eyebrows and the distances. The eyebrow ruler uses the golden section measurement system According to LiveScience.com, it is described as follows: the golden section is called phi. The ratio of these two parts is the same as the ratio of the total stick to the larger part.  The resulting number will be close to a value of 1.618. If this is within the above number, it results in perfect eyebrow proportions. Below is a picture of the eyebrow ruler. 

How to use:

  1. Place the ruler flat against the forehead around the eyebrows. You should determine the centre of your face and then press the ruler downwards onto the skin.
  2. Use an eyebrow pencil or a white liner pencil to mark the middle of the eyebrow, as well as the corner and the end. It's quite normal that the eyebrows are uneven and seem to start and end at different points! This is why the ruler is essential for finding the right starting and ending angles. There are many tips for shaping your eyebrows, including: if you shape your eyebrows closer together, your nose may appear thinner. A wider gap between the eyebrows also makes many appear more youthful. So you can decide what works best for you!
  3. Check where the brows arch and make corrections with a brow pencil so that the arch remains in the right place for both.
  4. The overall length is crucial, so use that brow pencil to mark off where both ends are symmetrical. You can never make eyebrows 100% even. But sometimes it helps to use the brow ruler to see if you need to create extra hairs with makeup or microblading or if you need to remove eyebrow hairs in certain areas. 
  5. Finally, remove the ruler from the forehead and check for any finish! It's that easy!
Eyebrow Tools

A tip from our Head Trainer:

Do you still find it difficult to create the perfect shape for Henna Brows with the brow ruler? Then perhaps using brow mapping can help. If you have measured the brows with the eyebrow ruler, then connect all the lines with the brow paste, this will give you the exact shape. This not only minimises the chance of small mistakes being made, but also ensures that you only need to fill in the eyebrows with henna :). If you have no idea how brow mapping works. Then you can take our brow mapping course. It will tell you all the ins and outs of creating the perfect brow shape. 



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