Everything about the Baby Brow Lamination Trend

25.06.2024 - Manouk de Vries

Summer is coming and a new brow trend in the beauty industry comes with it. Do you feel like you can't keep up with all the beauty trends? Don't worry, because we're here to keep an eye on them for you! Today, we're excited to introduce the newest brow trend on TikTok: Baby Brow Lamination.

New Brow Trend Alert

Brow Lamination has been a favorite for a while now, especially during summer. Its ability to hold brow hairs in the desired position without needing touch-ups makes it perfect for beach days and pool parties. Imagine walking out of the sea with beautiful, fluffy brows that stay in place all day! And as the natural look makes its comeback, Baby Brow Lamination is set to win the hearts of those who prefer naturally styled brows. Let's dive in (not into the sea, though we are feeling those summer vibes;))!

Quick Recap: Brow Lamination

First the basics! Brow Lamination is a popular beauty treatment that involves using a gentle perming solution to straighten and lift the brow hairs in your preferred direction, lasting up to 4-8 weeks. This gives the brows a fuller, more defined appearance by taming unruly hairs and keeping them in place. It creates a sleek, polished look without the need for daily styling. It's like a mini-makeover for the brows, providing long-lasting results that can survive sweat and water. Plus, brow lamination can be combined with other brow treatments, such as liquid dye, and another trend of the moment: Airbrush brows.

What is Baby Brow Lamination?

Baby Brow Lamination is a subtler version of the classic Brow Lamination look. While traditional Brow Lamination gives you bold, full, and fluffy brows from front to tail, Baby Brow Lamination focuses on enhancing your natural brow shape and texture with a softer, more refined finish. Think of it as the "no-makeup makeup" look for your brows.

This technique involves a perming solution that lifts and sets the brow hairs in place, giving them a naturally polished look without the intensity of a full lamination. It’s perfect for those who want a tidier, more groomed appearance while still maintaining a soft and natural vibe!

Baby Brow Lamination

How has it started?

Baby Brow Lamination came about because some of us just love more volume but do prefer a more natural look. While traditional Brow Lamination creates bold and fluffy brows, it can feel a bit intense for some people. That's where Baby Brow Lamination steps in. The word "baby" is cute and subtle, just like the results you’ll get.

Brow Lamination vs. Baby Brow Lamination

So, what's the difference between traditional Brow Lamination and this new Baby Brow Lamination trend? Let’s break it down:

1. Intensity of the look

Traditional Brow Lamination is all about bold, full, and fluffy brows. It's perfect for those who love making a statement with their brows. Baby Brow Lamination, on the other hand, is like the "no-makeup makeup" look for your brows. It enhances your natural brow shape and texture with a softer, more refined finish, but does make them a bit more full & fluffy.

2. Technique and application

The technique for Baby Brow Lamination is more gentle compared to the all-out traditional lamination method. The perming solution is applied lightly, mostly only to the fronts of the brows, to maintain the eyebrows' natural appearance. This achieves a tidy and groomed look without the full lamination effect. The ‘normal’ lamination look applies the solution on the full brow, from the front to the brow tail.

3. Target audience

If you love bold brows and the drama they bring, traditional Brow Lamination is your go-to. It’s fantastic for those with unruly or sparse brows who want to add volume and definition. But if you're all about that natural, effortlessly chic look, Baby Brow Lamination is your new best friend.

4. Low maintenance

Low-maintenance beauty trends are also on the rise, making Baby Brow Lamination a win-win! Not only will the brows look naturally polished without needing daily upkeep, but people will also be talking about this new trend and running to your salon. It’s perfect for those who prefer a simple beauty routine and want to stay ahead of the curve.

Baby Brow Lamination

Step-by-step: Baby Brow Lamination

This guide will help you master the art of Baby Brow Lamination using our three-step lamination process!

What do you need:

To begin your Baby Brow Lamination journey, you will need these essential tools: No. 1 Relaxing Solution, No. 2 The Laminate, and No. 3 Nourishing Elixir. Don’t forget your Brow Brushes, Foam Cleanser and cotton pads for precise application and removal!

Note: Our Brow & Lash Lamination Starter Kit includes everything you need for up to 40 treatments. You can laminate both brows and lashes with our products!

How to:

  1. Gently apply the No. 1 Relaxing Solution with a micro brush, focusing only on the front section of the brow to achieve that soft, fluffy effect. Shape the front section gently and let the solution work for 5-6 minutes. Remove the solution with a cotton pad.
  2. Apply No. 2 The Laminate to the front section of the brow with another micro brush. Set the front section into its final shape and let the solution process for 5-7 minutes before removing it with a cotton pad. Make sure the front still connects well with the rest of the brow, which will keep its natural shape.
  3. Shape the rest of the brow as desired, either keeping it natural or using your favorite brow product. Finish with the No. 3 Nourishing Elixir, applying it gently to the entire brow to hydrate, restore, and protect. Ensure even distribution with a final brush-through.

Pro tip: Are your clients feeling unsure? No worries! You can quickly showcase the difference between Baby Brow Lamination and full lamination using our Brow Control. It's a great way for clients to see the results firsthand and help them decide which look they love most!


@rachelwilliamscreative 'The Baby Brow' - i only laminate the first part of brow which brings them closer together to achieve that 'model.. i dont even use tweezer' look.. a great trick for if you have over plucked your center #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fyourpage #brow #browntiktok #browshaping #browstutorial #lamination #browlamination #browlaminationtutorial #thebabybrow ♬ original sound - salem


How to take care of laminated brows

In order for the beautiful brows you created to stay in shape, it is important for the client to know all the aftercare steps that should be followed. The following points for long-lasting brow lift results are especially important:

Immediate aftercare:

  1. Avoid moisture: Keep your brows dry for the first 24 hours after Brow Lamination, as contact with water can weaken the effectiveness of the materials used.
  2. Sleep on your back: Avoid sleeping directly on your face. If possible, turn onto your back to prevent any disturbance to your freshly laminated brows.

Ongoing Care:

  1. Gentle cleansing: Cleanse your face with gentle, non-oily products to avoid breaking down the Brow Lamination. Our Supercilium Foam Cleanser is perfect for this—it’s a gentle yet effective way to keep your brows clean without stripping away essential moisture!
  2. Brush regularly: Gently brush your brows daily to maintain their shape and fluffiness. Use a clean spoolie brush for best results. Check our Brow Brushes!
  3. Hydrate and nourish: Use a nourishing brow serum daily to keep your brows hydrated and healthy. The Supercilium No. 3 Nourishing Elixir is ideal for this, providing essential nutrients to keep your brows strong and beautiful.
  4. Protect: Shield your brows from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors with our Nourishing Defense Balm with SPF. This balm not only nourishes but also provides a protective barrier to ensure your brows stay looking their best.

Baby Brow Lamination

Why Baby Brow Lamination is the next brow trend

Baby Brow Lamination is the perfect introduction to the world of Brow Lamination, especially for clients who might be hesitant to commit to a full lamination. Here's why you should introduce it to your clients:

  • Try before committing: Baby Brow Lamination allows clients to experience the look and feel of laminated brows without fully committing. It’s a gentle introduction, focusing on the front section of the brows to create a soft, fluffy effect.
  • Natural look: This technique strikes the perfect balance between natural and laminated brows, offering a subtle enhancement that maintains a natural appearance. Clients can enjoy a refined, polished look that isn't too bold.
  • Comfort and confidence: Offering Baby Brow Lamination can make your clients more comfortable with trying new brow treatments. It’s less intimidating and provides a great way to build trust and confidence in your brow services.

By jumping on the Baby Brow Lamination trend from TikTok, you can attract new clients who are looking for a natural, low-commitment brow enhancement. It’s a great way to showcase your expertise and help clients explore new beauty possibilities in a comfortable and reassuring way. Don’t miss out on this growing trend—start offering Baby Brow Lamination today!

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