Airbrush Hybrid Brows: The brow trend of 2024

25.01.2024 - Manouk de Vries

You suddenly see it spreading on social media like crazy: Hybrid Airbrush Brows. And we understand why: the seamless and smooth application gives amazing results and is extremely satisfying to look at. New to this brow technique? We will tell you all ins and outs of Hybrid Airbrush Brows. Let’s dive into the brow trend of 2024! 

What are Hybrid Airbrush Brows?

The airbrush technique is fairly new for eyebrow dye but is already famous for decades in other industries, like cosmetics, arts, pastry, and industrial applications like cars. The technique is used to apply color to a surface. In cosmetics, the technique is known for its ability to deliver a flawless, long-lasting finish, adjustable coverage, and a lightweight feel on the skin. Airbrush makeup relies on air for an even distribution of product, ensuring consistent coverage. This makes it widely popular for bridal makeup and special occasions. This technique has now extended to the brow industry. And we understand why!

Why will you love Hybrid Airbrush Brows? 

Quick & Easy application 

Compared to traditional methods involving brushes, this technique is effective and super time-efficient, requiring less application time. And since time is the most valuable asset of Brow Artists, we fully understand the popularity of this new technique. Although mastering the technique may take some initial practice, once accomplished, it can significantly reduce application time, potentially halving the duration compared to traditional methods.

Perfect conditions for full longevity potential 

Liquid Hybrid Dye works best if you work with multiple thin layers and when you give the layer some time to dry before you apply a new layer. And this is exactly what the airbrush technique does: creating perfect, super-even, thin layers. This creates the perfect conditions for the dye to absorb onto the skin and reach its full longevity skin staining potential.

Flawless finish
By working with multiple thin dye layers, you can gradually produce subtle color changes on the skin, creating this beautiful powdery look. Result? A beautiful, even skin stain and super crisp lines. The hybrid airbrush approach allows for a high level of customization. As a Beauty Professionals or Brow Artist you can adjust the coverage and color intensity to create the perfect look for your client. The airbrushing technique ensures a flawless and natural finish, covering every brow hair with a fine mist of pigment. And the ombre effect? Don’t even get us started. By far our favorite way of application to create a sleek but natural brow look. The airbrush and the ombre effect are just made for each other. 

Supercilium Airbrush Brows: ON AIR

We love this brow trend just as much as our Brow Community. Therefore we’re working around the clock to launch our  ON AIR collection ASAP. Cause yes loves, spoiler-alert, an  Airbrush Starter Kit and  ON AIR Masterclass are launching beginning or mid-February! All the tools you need to jump on this amazing new brow trend. Plus, we gathered the best Brow Artists in the market to join us in this masterclass. Don’t want to miss anything? Make sure to subscribe to our waitlist. When you subscribe now, you get  10% off when we launch.

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FAQs on Hybrid Airbrush Brows

A new brow trend of course comes with a lot of questions. Therefore we dived into the most Frequently Asked Questions on this fast-growing Brow Trend to help get you started. With every new technique, it takes practice to master the art, so don’t be afraid when it doesn’t get smooth right away. You will get there! 

Can I use the new Liquid Dye with Keratin? 

Our newly launched Liquid Dye with Keratin is your perfect companion for this new brow trend. The name says it all: Liquid Dye. Cause to be able to use a dye for the airbrush, it needs to have a liquid consistency. All 6 vibrant and highly pigmented colors work perfectly together with the Airbrush Gun. Can’t wait to start? Make sure to get our Liquid Dye and start testing! 

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Longevity of airbrush brows with Liquid Dye

Same as with the classic way of application, the rich pigments of the Liquid Dye with Keratin endure up to 11 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hair. The only difference compared to the classical way of application is that it’s easier to work in thin layers with the airbrush which makes it easier to reach the full longevity potential of 11 days.

Can you combine Airbrush brows with Brow Lamination?

Yes, you can! To combine these two showstoppers in one treatment, you can start with the Brow Lamination steps like normal. Only for the nr. 3, Nourishing Elixir, only leave it on the brows for 3 minutes, to give them some extra love before you start with the Dyeing process. Ensure you carefully remove it, otherwise the Hybrid Dye won’t attach to the hairs. After this, you can proceed with the Hybrid Airbrush Brow technique. 

What is the mixing ratio for Airbrush Brows with Liquid Dye?

The most asked question. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this one, since it all depends on the Airbrush machine you’re using. Every machine needs another mixing ratio, so it’s trial and error before you find the perfect mix for your machine.

Another spoiler, soon we’re launching our Airbrush Developer so it’s easier than ever to create the perfect airbrush dye mixture. Can’t wait? If you want to start right away you need the following products: 

Are Airbrush Brows here to stay? 

Hybrid airbrush brows are currently redefining the standards of brow tinting, offering beauty professionals and clients alike a precise, long-lasting, and customizable solution. As this trend continues to gain popularity, mastering the art of hybrid airbrush brows can elevate your beauty expertise to new heights. Embrace this innovative technique to unlock a world of possibilities for flawless, perfectly defined brows. So yes, we definitely think this eyebrow trend is here to stay!

Keep an eye on all social channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and be the first to know when we launch our ON AIR collection. We can’t wait to share everything with you!

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