Airbrush Eyebrow Stickers

3 sizes | 12pcs 


Our set features 12 pieces of precision-cut stickers in 3 unique shapes, allowing brow professionals to match each client's individual brow shape. Specifically designed to be used with our Liquid Dye and the Supercilium Airbrush. 

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  • Introducing our Airbrush Eyebrow Stickers – the ultimate tool for brow professionals seeking effortless perfection.

    Here's why you need it:

    • Precision-cut: Crafted with precision, our set of stickers includes 12 stickers in 3 unique shapes, tailored for professional brow styling. You can identify the shapes by the small dots located in the upper left corner of each sheet. The sizes are distinguished by one, two, or three dots, helping to differentiate between them.

    • Designed for Airbrush Hybrid Brows: Perfectly compatible with Airbrush Hybrid Brows and the Supercilium Airbrush machine, ensuring seamless application.

    • Skin-safe and residue-free: Gentle on the skin, our stickers leave no residue or discomfort, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for your clients.

    • Single-use convenience: Easy to apply and remove, each sticker offers a fresh, flawless look without the hassle of maintenance.

    • Comfort: Lightweight design ensures a natural feel, allowing your clients to flaunt their brows with confidence.

  • Here's how to use our Airbrush Eyebrow Stickers like a pro:

    Preparation: Cleanse the brow area with Pro Cleanser and dry the brow area to ensure optimal adhesion.

    Brow map your desired Brow shape. 

    Based on your Brow Map, you select the right shape: Choose the sticker shape that best fits your client's natural brow shape and desired style (3 shapes available). Use your brow map as a guide to place the stickers on the right place. Gently peel the sticker from its backing and carefully place it onto the brow area, ensuring proper alignment and symmetry.

    Airbrush application: With the sticker securely in place, use your Supercilium Airbrush Machine to apply the desired brow dye color and definition.

    Remove: Once the airbrushing is complete and the dye is dry, carefully peel away the sticker to reveal perfectly defined brows.

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Airbrush Eyebrow Stickers

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