What is Brow Mapping and why is it so important?

30.05.2022 - Sima Ahmed

In this blog, I'm going to explain to you why brow mapping is important if you want to create perfectly symmetrical eyebrows with brow henna or dye. I'll explain what you need, and what the pros and cons are. hope you are as enthusiastic about brow mapping as I am after reading the blog :) Want to try it as well? We have a nice deal for you waiting at the end of this blog.

What is brow mapping?

First thing first, what exactly is brow mapping? Brow mapping is a tool and way of working that allows you to define the desired ideal brow shape for yourself or your client before your brow treatment. Through brow mapping, you create symmetrical lines that eventually form an eyebrow shape. Basically, you create a template of the desired brow shape. Want to become an expert and learn all the in-depth information about brow mapping? Follow our Brow Mapping course. In this course, we go deeper into the Anatomy of the brow.

Why is mapping used?

To map brows that will stay forever
Brow mapping is mainly used by brow artists who do PMU brows. Also, many brow artists who use Henna Brows or Brow dye use brow mapping for some extra guidance in their process, since the stain will also remain for up to 2 weeks. The reason why brow mapping is important is that it allows you to make the eyebrows as symmetrical as possible. Especially with PMU, it is a must to have eyebrows that are as symmetrical as possible since they will be visible for a couple of years.

For clients with uneven brows
When a client has very uneven eyebrows and it's hard to restore them into the desired shape before you start tinting, the uneven eyebrows can be accentuated even more after the dye treatment. This is what you want to avoid at all costs. As we all know, brows are usually sisters, not twins. Brow Mapping will make it easier for you to create sisters. In addition, mapping is a useful tool to use when you get a client with very challenging eyebrows that don't have a clear shape.

Show clients their future shape
Mapping can also be a good method to show the eyebrow shape you want to create to your client before you start applying henna, dye, or PMU. In this way, you can check with them if this shape meets their expectations. For new clients, it's always scary to put their brows in your hands. Showing the map can gain some trust with your brow skills, and help them feel confident that their brows will turn out beautifully.  

Extra confidence
Especially when you are just getting started with doing brows, brow mapping can give you extra confidence that you are creating the right eyebrow shape, and especially to know for sure that you are creating symmetry. Brow artists with years of experience usually only need a blink of an eye to create symmetry. But when you’re just starting out, every trick is helpful to grow into a confident brow artist. 

What products do you use for brow mapping?

For Brow Mapping you can use different products. Below I will explain the 3 most commonly used products in our range: 

Brow Paste: This is a thick paste that you can use with a brush to draw a clear line. The brow paste also serves as a barrier for brow henna or tint, so the tint will stay within the shape and won’t run out. The barrier ensures that the skin outside the desired shape is not colored by the tint.

Mapping String: This product is ready to use because the mapping string is already pre-inked. This allows you to easily create straight lines within a hand turn. Ideal if you don't have much time to fully map out the eyebrows. It’s also nice to first start with the mapping string, before you apply the paste since when a mistake is made, the mapping string is way easier to remove. Once you’re secure about the brow shape, you can do the full mapping with Brow Paste. 

Brow Ruler: With a ruler you can measure the eyebrows as symmetrically as possible. The ruler comes in 2 different options. A sticker form that you stick to the face or plastic that can be reused with every treatment. 

We believe that in combination with the above products you will have all the tools needed to create a complete brow map. In our course, our trainer shows you how to use these products together.

Brow Mapping

Mapping techniques

There are several ways you can apply brow mapping. Most of them follow the same pattern and that is by following the golden ratio technique. However, I see that everyone adds their own twist to it, and that's totally okay. Every artist has its own tricks, right? 

What usually is similar in every technique used, are these 3 basic points that are explained below. These 3 points indicate where the eyebrow should start, where the arch of the brow is, and where the brow ends.

Point 1: Starts on the crease of the nostril, all the way up until your eyebrow. This line is the starting point of your eyebrow.

Point 2: Starts from the side of your nose, right through the iris, to the arch of the eyebrow. The point indicates where the highest part of the brow arch should be.

Point 3: Start at the bottom of the outside corner of the nostril, and draw a line until the outer corner of the eye and a bit up. This should be the endpoint of your eyebrow.

golden ratio


Are you curious about the Supercilium brow mapping technique? You can follow our brow mapping course here. In this course, our trainer will show you step by step how to map your brows. Also, check  our step-by-step  video on our youtube channel.


The pros and cons of brow mapping

Not yet convinced? As you have already read above, brow mapping is very useful to use during brow treatments to create the right shape that fits your client. Below we have made a list of all the pros and cons of brow mapping. 


  • Helps to create a symmetrical eyebrow.
  • Brow paste helps to act as a barrier between the desired brow shape and the skin outside it, which reduces the change of mistakes.
  • Gives an indication of the eyebrow shape you want to create on your client and you can show it to determine whether this shape is desired.
  • Makes applying henna or dye easy since you have already determined the shape through mapping. You only need to fill in the shape.
  • Useful tool for difficult eyebrows and uneven eyebrows.
  • Gives you extra confidence that you are creating the right shape. 


  • Full brow mapping takes 5 to 10 minutes, so the treatment takes a little longer. However, often we see after someone is more experienced this reduces to only a few minutes. 
  • You will have to put lines on someone's forehead, you will also have to take this off. So if they are wearing makeup, they have to do a touch-up after the treatment.
  • If you make create crooked lines, you will have to start again with your map. 

Special Deal: Brow Mapping Week

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Our full brow mapping range

Prefer all the products you need in one kit? Then the  Brow Mapping Kit  is your best friend. Would you rather have eyebrow mapping strings for mapping? You can find that handy tool here.

Pro Cleanser is the ideal cleanser to get mapping lines off the face. Make sure you always have it in stock. 

For Brow Mapping we have two great brush options available:

  • The Concealer Brush  is an ideal brush to apply brow paste. This is because this brush is wider than the Medium Angled Brush and allows you to easily apply the paste.
  • Prefer the smaller one? The Medium Angled Brow Brush is our for-ever favorite when it comes to doing brows. Perfect for Brow Paste as well as for applying henna & dye. 

Good luck beauties! For me personally, Brow Mapping has definitely been a game-changer, hope it is for you too! X

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