Tips on how to clean your eyebrows properly

27.10.2021 - Sima Ahmed

Autumn has arrived and that's why it's important to take your skincare routine up a level again. During the cold months, your skin has to endure a lot, so it's good to protect and take extra care of your skin. Today we are going to talk about how to best care for your eyebrows.

Do you currently shape your eyebrows at home? Or are you looking to expand your beauty routines? Then it is a valuable addition to include the eyebrows in your beauty routine. The eyebrows are often forgotten and that's a shame! 

Why it is important to clean the eyebrows properly?

When we think of cleaning the eyebrows, we often think of a hair removal technique. But an eyebrow cleaning is more than just shaping the eyebrows and removing excess hairs. Proper degreasing and exfoliating of the eyebrows are often forgotten. This can cause oils and dead skin cells to remain under the eyebrow hairs in the longer term. This will also affect the results of Henna Brows. The imprint on the skin may be more patchy and in the worst case, the henna does not stain on the skin.

Are you in the process of growing the eyebrows? Then cleaning the eyebrows in the right way can have positive effects on the growth process. When you regularly exfoliate the eyebrows you remove the dead skin cells under the eyebrow hairs. This will allow the active ingredients of your hair growth serum or oil to penetrate the skin better.

What does a DYI eyebrow cleaning routine look like?

Take a moment for yourself to spend some time with your eyebrows. Because I've written out a delicious eyebrow cleaning routine step-by-step for you below. 

Step 1 Cleaning brows

First, start by cleaning your eyebrows. This is because it is important to work on clean skin. Use a few drops of the Pro Cleanser on a cotton pad and wipe the pad over your eyebrows a few times. 

Step 2: Exfoliating the brows

Exfoliating the brows ensures that the dead skin cells are removed and liquids can better penetrate the skin. To do this, use a pea-sized amount of the Prep Peel Gel on the brows and around the brows. Using circular motions, massage the gel into the eyebrows for 15 to 30 seconds. And then remove it with a damp cotton pad  with a few drops of the pro cleanser from the eyebrows. Do you have a Henna Brows appointment coming up soon? Then this is a perfect pre-treatment! 

Make sure you do this 1 or 2 days in advance for optimal results.     

Step 3: Trimming the eyebrow hairs

This step is optional for people with long bushy eyebrow hairs. Brush your eyebrows up a few times with a Spoolie Brush. Carefully cut 1mm of the eyebrow hairs from the tail of the eyebrow and work towards the roots of the eyebrows. Do you think the eyebrows are still too long? Repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Step 4: Removing excess hairs

Do you have your eyebrows done professionally? Then you can skip this step. Do you prefer to tweeze your eyebrows yourself? Then make sure you have a good magnifying mirror and good sharp tweezers. Stretch the skin where you want to remove hairs between your index and middle finger and pull the hairs out in the direction of growth. Be careful not to pull the tweezers upwards because then there is a good chance that the eyebrow hair will break off inside and not be removed completely.

Prep Peel Gel

Eyebrow exfoliator


Step 5: Applying a grooming treatment

Yes, also the eyebrows and the skin under the eyebrows needs SPF cream. It is important to always use an SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. Keep in mind that when you have fresh henna brows, you should avoid the eyebrows area with normal SPF. The reason for this is that creams are often greasy or contain oils which can make the henna stay less on the skin. Therefore we have created the CBD Defense balm for eyebrows. The defense balm can be applied to the henna eyebrows. It is also suitable as an after balm of microbladed eyebrows.
Brow Care

How often should I perform an eyebrow cleaning routine?

This depends on what you do with your eyebrows. Do you take a Henna Brows treatment every 4 weeks? Then I would perform this routine to step 2 a few days beforehand. Do you groom your own eyebrows? Then you can do this routine 1 to 2 times a month. Be aware that you should not do this cleaning routine more than 3 times a month. It can make your skin sensitive and in the worst case lead to an allergic reaction.

Shopping list of products you will need

Pro Cleanser 

- Cotton Pads

Prep Peel Gel

Spoolie Brush

- Scissors

- Tweezer

CBD Defense balm

Prep Peel Gel

Eyebrow exfoliator


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