The 5 hacks that will make your life as a brow artist easier

17.10.2022 - Luma Abdelghani

As a brow stylist, you have the special task of making eyebrows as flawless as possible. This requires the right skills, a lot of time and certainly both physical and mental effort. To make your life easier as a brow queen I have gathered these five hacks for you. 

1. A Proper Workplace

On every working day you create flawless eyebrows for your clients. And to be honest, there's nothing more satisfying than making your customers happy with beautifully shaped eyebrows. However, every great job also carries its hurdles with it. Naturally, the most frequent complaint for brow artists is back pain. This comes to no surprise, after all, brow artists spend long periods of time in a hunched position.

As we all know, prevention is always better than a cure. Therefore, I advise you to take generous care of your body and to take at least a few minutes every day to properly stretch your back. By doing so you will reduce complaints and in the long run prevent back issues like hernias. Below I have found a number of videos in which you can perform good back exercises. 


2. The right tools

Having the right tools as a brow artists is a MUST. This will most definitely ease your job in creating beautiful brows. I get asked quite often which tweezers I find the best and which tools are best for certain treatments. Below you can find my favorite tools and why I love them so much: 

Tweezers: The most important tool. I always recommend having at least 4 tweezers in different sizes. At Tweezerman I always find my most favorite tweezers! They are simply the best: 

  • The standard tweezers: Usually, every brow artist has at least 1 or 2 of the standard tweezers. This tweezer is ideal for pulling out long and short hair. Also, grabbing fine hair is no problem at all with this tweezer.
  • For precision work: For the perfectionists among us, this is a tweezer that should definitely not be missing in your collection. This tweezer has a narrow tip and is therefore suitable for grabbing the shortest and finest hair.
  • The small but fine tweezers: Believe it or not, this is my all time favorite tweezer. Because this tweezer is small it is very nice to hold in your hands. This is a must have tweezer when removing short, long, thick and fine hair.

Trimming the hair: Of course, beautiful scissors shouldn't be missing from your collection. The bulge at the eye allows you to hold the scissors firmly and securely so you don't cut crookedly. Besides being a super nice treasure, it also has good holding power when cutting. Win-win situation if you ask me.

The two in one tool: I love two in one products. They instantly make your life easier. With this two in one you have the most used brushes in one fell swoop. One side of the brush contains a Spoolie brush that you can use to brush eyebrows into a desired shape. On the other side the other side is an angled brush which is perfect for creating fine lines. This will definitely save you some time. No more switching brushes!;)

Threading thread: This feels just like getting your driver's license. At first it takes a lot of effort and time and then you can't live without it. A good threading thread is important for several reasons: with a good thread you can remove fine hair that you can't get away with tweezers or wax. A big plus: a good threading thread doesn't damage the skin.

3. Trainings & Techniques

Each pair of eyebrows is unique. It is a form of art to transform them into beautiful a beautiful creation. Of course, this requires a lot of practice and mastery of techniques. Additionally, trends and new treatments are continuously evolving. By regularly learning new techniques and skills, you create more knowledge and broaden your brow skills. Often, you'll find yourself to be able to create beautiful brows faster after having developed these new techniques and skills. Did you know that brands sometimes offer free courses? Below I've listed a few educational courses that are free for you to try!

Brow basics: In this course you'll learn all the ins and outs of eyebrows. This course aims to show beauticians the basic skills of creating a beautiful set of eyebrows. This course offers additional tools on how to empower women you'll have in your chair. A definite must if you want to learn more about face shapes, hair types and how to interact with clients in your chair.

Hybrid brows: The new paint that is going to take over the world is the hybrid if you ask me! The hybrid provides a richer and brighter effect than regular dye. For lashes it'll give more dramatic results than regular eyelash tinting. This free hybrid course offers an instructional video and explanations on how to rock this new dye trend.

Lamination brows: For those who want to learn how to create beautiful fluffy eyebrows. Sign up here! This free course will show you how to create the most beautiful laminated brows. In addition, you will learn all the important skills and information you need to know before you perform brow lamination.

4. Software systems for the salon

I remember it like it was yesterday when I had to manually schedule appointments in a calendar. Thankfully years later, this can all be done digitally and automatically. And let's face it who still has time to manually fill everything in? By creating an online agenda, your customers can schedule an appointment themselves 24/7.

It is also very nice to have a system that manages your customer database and keeps track of which treatments, products and details your customer saves. This way you can always look back at what your client has had in the past. This will also be a relief for your brain.

Do you have a webshop? Then you're already working with a software. But did you know that there are plenty of companies where you can buy a multi bundle? That way you can have your website, shop inventory and customer database all in one place. A case of three in one, that sounds pretty good to me! Makes it as easy and simple as possible for you.

Optimizing and digitizing systems online takes away lot of worry and time out of your hands. So you save time on the less fun to do's and can spend more time on creating beautiful brows. Below I have two options that I have experienced and tried out and am obsessed with:

Salonized: This is the ideal software for a salon where you can link your agenda, stock and cash register system. With Salonized you spend less time on the phone and your administration and you can focus on what you like to do best. They offer different feautures and options, so they have a suitable option for everyone.

Shopify: With the software from Shopify you can open an online store and send your products, Shopify also offers other possibilities such as creating a website, mobile, in person, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops and across multiple channels from social media to online marketplaces. Shopify also offers different packages. Highly recommended for salons who want to start their own webshop!


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