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17.04.2024 - Myriam van Engelen

Did you know that clean brows are really important to achieve flawless brow results? At Supercilium, we understand the significance of proper preparation in any beauty treatment. That's why we've developed a top-notch brow care range of Brow Cleansers and Exfoliators specifically tailored for brow professionals like you! In this article, we'll dive into the importance of clean brows and show you our top three picks of Brow Cleansers to ensure optimal cleanliness for your clients' brows and lashes. Let's dive in!

Why is it important to clean the brows?

First, let's start with why is cleaning your client's brows a crucial step before diving into any brow treatment:

Clean canvas

Clean brows are like a blank canvas, ready for your artistic touch. By beginning with a clean slate, you set the stage for flawless results with every brow treatment, whether it's Brow Henna, Hybrid Dye, or Brow Lamination.

Optimal results

When it comes to Brow Henna, Liquid Dye, and Brow Lamination, cleanliness is the name of the game. Clean brows provide the perfect canvas for your brow dyes and solutions to do their thing, resulting in deeper color penetration and longer-lasting lifts. It's proven that Brow Henna and Liquid Dye stain the skin and hair way better once the brows are clean from all oils and makeup residue! And we’re all aiming for the longest skin stain possible, aren’t we?

How to choose the right Brow Cleanser?

Choosing the right Brow Cleanser is super important to ensure you're giving the brows and the surrounding area the care they deserve before your treatments. When you're on the hunt for the perfect Brow Cleanser, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, take a peek at the ingredients list. We recommend opting for natural ingredients in Brow Cleansers since they are more gentle to sensitive skin. And you might know very well that a lot of clients can be sensitive to a lot of products. You'll want to go for Brow Cleansers with ingredients like matcha and mint that'll leave your clients feeling extra pampered.

Then, think about what formula works the best for you and your client – whether it's a foam, gel, or liquid, each has its own benefits. Oh, and don't forget about the scent! A fresh aroma can totally change and improve the whole experience for your clients – trust us, they'll thank you for it! And if you're multitasking and need a Cleanser that can handle both brows and lashes, go for it! Just make sure it's gentle enough for clients with sensitive skin to avoid any redness or discomfort. Cleansers containing alcohol can be harsh on the eyes. After all, you have to make sure your clients leave feeling fabulous!

Our top three Brow Cleansers

Now that we've covered the importance of clean brows and how to choose the right Brow Cleanser, let's explore our top three picks from our range of Cleansers and Exfoliators:

1. Pro Cleanser

Multi-functionality: The Pro Cleanser is specifically designed for use before applying Brow Henna, Liquid Dye, or other Brow Treatments. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing excess oil and dirt to ensure optimal treatment results. The Pro Cleanser is great, especially for clients with oily skin.

Gentleness: Despite its powerful cleansing properties, the Pro Cleanser is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all clients. Its soothing formula calms the skin and prepares it for treatment without any discomfort.

Scent: Infused with the refreshing aroma of Matcha and Mint, the Pro Cleanser provides a proper cleansing experience for your clients, leaving their skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Pro Cleanser is especially loved by Brow Professionals for its natural smell! Read more about what they think about the Pro Cleanser here.

Ingredients: Formulated with natural extracts, including Matcha and Mint, the Pro Cleanser cools and soothes the skin while protecting it from dehydration, ensuring a comfortable and effective cleansing experience.

Consistency: The liquid formulation allows for easy application and provides thorough coverage, ensuring every inch of the skin is cleansed and prepped for treatment.

Pro Cleanser

2. Foam Cleanser

Multi-functionality: This Foam Cleanser is designed to remove all makeup, oil, and dirt from the skin around brows and lashes, as well as the hair itself. It does not contain alcohol and that is why it is more gentle to the eyes than the Pro Cleanser.

Gentleness: The Foam Cleanser is gentle on the eyes, making it suitable for use around the delicate eye area. Its foamy formula ensures a comfortable cleansing experience for your clients without any irritation.

Scent: Infused with a subtle and refreshing scent of Chamomile, the Foam Cleanser enhances the cleansing process and leaves your clients feeling refreshed and pampered.

Ingredients: Formulated with hydrating and soothing ingredients, including natural extracts (Chamomile), the Foam Cleanser nourishes the skin while effectively removing impurities.

Consistency: The foam formulation provides thorough coverage and is super easy to use. Brow Professionals adore this product for its ability to penetrate between brow hairs, ensuring thorough cleansing. And their clients? They can't get enough! As soon as the foam touches their skin, they enjoy the luxurious sensation and the pampering treatment. Don't believe us? Read here all the reviews.

PRO TIP #1: We caught up with your favorite Brow Pro, Zoë from the CARVD Academy, to find out why she likes using the Foam Cleanser in her treatments. According to Zoë, the foamy texture of this Brow and Lash Cleanser is a game-changer as it effortlessly penetrates deep between the brow hairs, ensuring a thorough cleanse every time!

Foam Cleanser

3. Prep Peel Gel

Multi-functionality: The Prep Peel Gel is a gentle Exfoliator designed for use on the brows and surrounding area. It penetrates deep into pores to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, ensuring a clean and smooth canvas for brow treatments. It is mostly used to prep the brows before brow dye treatments that also leave a skin stain, like Brow Henna or Hybrid Dye. It’s an extra trick to improve the Brow Henna and Liquid Dye stain and its longevity!

Gentleness: As an exfoliator, the Prep Peel Gel is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for sensitive clients. Its mild formula ensures a comfortable exfoliating experience without any harshness.

Scent: Infused with a refreshing fragrance, the Prep Peel Gel leaves the skin of your clients feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

Ingredients: Enriched with 4% AHA, the Prep Peel Gel effectively exfoliates the skin while natural extracts like lemongrass soothe and hydrate, promoting healthy and radiant-looking brows.

Consistency: The gel formulation allows for easy application, making it easy to massage it gently into the skin. It provides targeted exfoliation, making it ideal for all your brow treatments. Want to know more about the Prep Peel Gel? Find it here!

PRO TIP #2: Why use an SPF after exfoliation?
Exfoliating can leave the skin more sensitive to the sun's rays. That's why it's so important to shield freshly exfoliated brows with our Nourishing Aftercare Balm, complete with SPF 30 protection. Whether it's 48 hours after Brow Lamination or 24 hours after Brow Henna, this Nourishing Aftercare Balm ensures that the eyebrows stay protected and nourished, giving you peace of mind and your clients' gorgeous brows that stand the test of time.

Prep Peel Gel

Pro Cleanser vs. Foam Cleanser: The difference

We already talked about two Brow Cleansers. But what sets them apart?

The Foam Cleanser is perfect for the lash and brow area and clients with more sensitive skin since it's free from alcohol. The foamy formula makes it perfect to thoroughly clean the hairs and skin below. It’s very soft for the skin—that's the sensation your clients will love! So every time you are about to laminate brows or lashes, the Foam Cleanser is your superhero. The same goes if you’re going to tint the brows of clients with sensitive skin.

Meanwhile, the Pro Cleanser comes in liquid form infused with Matcha and Mint, leaving your client's skin fully stripped of any oily residue and dirt, refreshed, and ready for their brow session. The alcohol in the Pro Cleanser will ensure a clean canvas for a long skin stain. The refreshing aroma is a hit with both clients and Brow Pros alike, making it a must-have for properly preparing the brow area and hair for a flawless Brow Henna or Liquid Dye treatment.

Brow Care Collection

Today, we discussed the importance of cleaning the eyebrows and the best cleansers to achieve super clean brows. Remember: taking care of your tools is just as important as having clean brows. Just like we clean the eyebrows, it's essential to clean your Brow Brushes and Airbrush Machines too! Check out our blog post on cleaning Brow Brushes to learn how to keep your tools in great shape and how to clean your Airbrush Machine to keep it in a good state. Because when it comes to brow artistry, keeping things clean helps us achieve stunning results every time!

Prep Peel Gel

Eyebrow exfoliator


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