SC x KBB Brow Box

The limited all-in-one kit for perfect brows

United by the love for brows, Supercilium Cosmetics and Kelley Baker Brows are now together in this all-in-one ultimate brow kit!

The limited edition kit features 6 products: Supercilium defining Brow Micro Pencil, sculpting Brow Micro Concealer, sealing Brow Control and KBB Tinted Brow Gel, Brow Powder Duo and the essential Brush Set. All products you need to create beautiful brows with the best of both worlds. 

After your purchase, you will receive an email from us to customize your CS x KBB box!


Why it’s the favorite of our brow artists

  • Trusted by celebrities
  • Glamorous brows between brow appointments
  • Customizable, available in different colors
  • Easy-to-use
  • Waterproof and long-stay formula

About the product

  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan

Details +

After our amazing Supercilium x Kelley Baker masterclass, we saw how many of you wanted to purchase the products together to create the perfect brow look. That is why we created this exclusive brow kit that features everything you need to keep your brows in shape between brow appointments! 

Why you will love it:
Supercilium Cosmetics was designed with our community of brow artists. In only three steps, you can create perfectly defined brows like a pro. From bold brows to natural-looking brows, our Supercilium Brow Pencil does the trick. No matter what your favorite brow look is, highly defined, sharp, natural, or fluffy brows, our Supercilium Micro Concealer will make every brow pop. The Supercilium brow gel creates a brow lamination look or keeps sturdy hairs in place. The wax sticks to the hair and skin, without leaving a sticky feeling. The extreme long-lasting formula of all the products sets the brows in place for the entire day!

Kelley Baker Brows, the celebrity brow artist, is trusted by celebs such as Kim Kardashian. After years of experience in the brow industry, she developed her own brow line. The smudge-proof Brow Powder Duo helps you to create the perfect ombre eyebrow effect or helps you to customize your ideal brow shade by blending the colors. The KBB Tinder Brow Gel can be used as a brow topcoat to give your brows a long-lasting extra pigment. And what would be a brow kit without brow brushes? These professional KBB daily essential brow brushes were developed to Kelley's specifications for use on her own clients. 

The kit is also fully customizable, you can choose from different colors! Don’t you know what is the right color for you? Our brow test will help you to find the perfect shade of Brow Micro Pencil and Brow Micro Concealer.

How to

Supercilium Micro Brow Pencil: Start at the beginning of the brow and draw hair-like strokes to outline the brows. Follow the direction of the hair growth. Work towards the arch of the brow, end at the tail of the brow, and fill in any sparse areas. If you want a more bold and defined look, repeat the process and fill the brows even more. 

Supercilium Micro Brow Concealer: For a subtle sculpt effect: Start at the beginning of the brow and draw a line at the bottom of your brow until the point where your brow starts to arch. Slightly blend in the bottom part of the line with a Blending Brush. For the ultimate sculpt effect: Start at the beginning of the brow and draw a line at the bottom of your brow towards the end of your brow. Repeat at the upper line of your brow. Slightly blend in the bottom part of the line with a Blending Brush

Supercilium Brow Control: Dip your spoolie brush into the wax. You don’t need much. Apply the wax onto the brows and brush them in the desired direction after you have filled in the brows with a brow pencil. For different types of applications, click here!

Kelley Baker Brows Powder Duo: To achieve a natural ombré brow look, fill in the front of your brow with the lighter shade of eyebrow powder. Then, use the darker shade of powder to fill in your eyebrow from the beginning. For better results, you can also blend the colors using the KBB spoolie brush.

Kelley Baker Brows Tinted Brow Gel: ​​One dip should cover both brows. Lightly apply by combing gel through brows in upward strokes. Use Tinted Brow Gel as a topcoat over your finished brow look or wear it by itself for a full-brow look.

Kelley Baker Brows Brush Set: The Highlighter Smudge Brush is firm and the thickness, stiffness, and angle of filaments in the brush are designed to enable effortless blending of product into seamless lines under the brow. The Angle Spoolie Brush is perfect for the precise application of brow powder; flip to the spoolie side to gently brush product through brow hairs, sweeping up into place.





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Do you brows like a PRO! 😍



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I am in love with the quality! The concealer really creates a clear brow.



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Created flawless brow looks with Supercilium products 💘